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"Interior of a smaller Catholic Church toward San Carlos from Binmale. GALA ANACO A-ALAGDENTACA" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Interior: Calasiao Cathedral. After being granted permission, Hill ascended the choir loft for this photograph. 'Whew!' he…
From "Darkroom Soldier": "Altar Table. Hill regularly attended Protestant Sunday services at the 71st Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron chapel, a post and beam structure with thatched walls and steeple. Here, the communion table is arrayed with…
"Interior of the Catholic Cathedral at San Carlos in central Luzon"
"Closer view of altar at the Catholic Cathedral at San Carlos - Luzon"
"Interior from choir loft - of cathedral at San Carlos - Luzon"
"Interior of Cathedral at San Carlos - central Luzon. Taken from rear choir loft. Good over all coverage"
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