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"Jap Betty Bomber Crew being photographed by 2 photographers taken by Dick Baxter, the third photographer, on Ie Shima while Jap diplomats were in Manila - 17th Tact Recon Sqdn" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Mitsubishi and Crew. Under a hot noon sun,…
"Watching for the arrival of the 2 Jap Betty Bombers bring(ing) the preliminary Envoy to arrange the surrender"
"Excited US Soldiers awaiting the arrival of the 2 Japanese 'Betty Bombers,' bringing the Jap envoy members to be transferred to a US C-54 for the long flight to Manila" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Surrender Bombers. The afternoon of August 19, all…
"Jap 'Betty' bomber on landing approach at Ie Shima" From "Darkroom Soldier": "First Betty Landing. Recalling this day, Hill wrote, 'While we were on Ie Shima, General MacArthur ordered that a contingent of Japanese diplomats go to Manila to make the…
"Jap Betty Bomber taxiing at Ie Shima Aug 19 1945 bringing delegates from Tokyo"
"1 or two Japanese Betty Bombers - white with green crosses - which delivered Jap envoy to Ie Shima to be transferred to US C-54 for long flight to Manila"
"Japanese 'Betty' Bomber painted white with green crosses as per Gen MacArthur's instructions"
"Crowd of US Soldiers around the two Jap Betty Bombers - a US B-24 taxies by"
"Full front view of Jap Betty bomber on Ie Shima Aug 19 and 20 1945"
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