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"I don't know - Maybe Lou Gopal can help"

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"Dewey Blvd - Dock area - Many ships - Manila Hotel"

Position: 543 (6 views)
Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. Quezon Bridge 2. Ice Plant 3. Post Office Bldg 4. City Hall 5. Legislative Bldg 6. Finance Bldg 7. Spanish Club 8. Crystal Archade 9. Old Police Station"

Position: 863 (5 views)
"Manila from the air. A Hospital? side view Makes a very good print"

Position: 2143 (3 views)
"Manila from the air. Rudder shows in upper left. Front view of big Hospital. Bob Casey, but with my camera"

Position: 2143 (3 views)
"12 B-25's on a bombing run - Sticks of bombs falling. Taken from another B-25. Not 17th Recon"

Position: 7262 (1 views)

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