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"Panorama - Adams Ave. & Depot St. - Cirkut Camera original" Half of incorporated image is a copy of 2010.2.867
"Adams Avenue from Depot Street, La Grande, Oregon"
"La Grande, Oregon - Adams Avenue looking west from Fir Street - Temperance statue, Cast Iron Mary visible at Adams and Elm - circa 1910""
"Note location of Cast Iron Mary - Adams at Depot, and not in the center of Adams"
"1st National Bank - Adams from Elm Street - looking West - 1935 [incorrect year] - before Payless!" [Date in Mae Stearn's writing on almost identical picture is 1929.]
"J.A. Garity General Blacksmithing shop on Adams" "South side of Adams Avenue between Fir and Greenwood - The following businesses are shown: Piggly Wiggly grocery [Globe Furniture used in 1972], Dew Drop Inn, Garity's Blacksmith and Larison…
"La Grande - Adams Ave. buildings - Red Cross Drug Store - Sept. 1915"
"A Parade on Adams Ave. - summer"
"Adams Ave. - Police Traffic control"
"1918 - End of the WWI Parade - La Grande, Oregon"
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