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A group of foreign students sit outdoors at one of the stone picnic tables. There is a partial view of Ackerman Hall in the upper right corner of the photo, and Inlow Hall is visible through the trees in the background.
Wearing a red and white plaid shirt and cuffed jeans, a young woman uses the white sculpture as a place to study. She is sitting with a book lying across her lap and an open notebook next to her. Part of Ackerman Hall is visible behind her.
Relaxing as though he were in an easy chair, an EOSC employee sits on the outdoor white sculpture and reads. Part of Ackerman Hall is in the background. [Dan Mielke?]
"Carol Maszk" Wearing casual clothing, Carol Maszk sits with a young girl and helps her with a string project. There is another young girl sitting in the background. She is working on something in her lap.
Four images of Marilyn Feasel's kindergarten class eating at snack time.
"Football" Eastern's football team battles it out on the field with an opposing team. Spectators and teammates watch from the sidelines. Ackerman Hall, Inlow Hall, and Pierce Library are all visible in the background.
Eastern Oregon football players attempt to line up in order to tackle the opposing team member who is running with the ball. His teammates are coming in to block. The "Visitors Section" sign can be seen over the heads of the players. Also, a partial…
An opposing team member is running with the ball at the very left side of the photo. His teammates are blocking for him, as Eastern Oregon football players attempt to move in for the tackle. The Ackerman Gymnasium and Inlow Hall are visible in the…
"Simon Chavez" This is a studio portrait of Simon Chavez wearing a pin-striped, suit blazer, white dress shirt, and patterned necktie. He worked as a Supervisor of Teaching for grade 6 at Ackerman Laboratory School.
"Ackerman Lab School" The Ackerman Elementary School entrance as photographed out from a corner of the building near one of the decorative campus lamp posts.
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