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"Ackerman Pioneer Days" Nine images of Ackerman Elementary School students learning dances during Pioneer Days.

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Twelve images of model airplane enthusiasts putting on an air show for a group of Ackerman Elementary Students.

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Two images of students using bicycles to get around on campus. .008 - Near Hoke Hall. .009 - In front of Ackerman Elementary School.

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Four images of Marilyn Feasel's kindergarten class eating at snack time.

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Two images of action during a football game played during a snowfall. .008 - Background: Zabel Hall (left), Ackerman Elementary School (right).

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"1970 Graduation" Three images of people arriving for the graduation ceremony and walking on the sidewalk towards Quinn Coliseum where it will be held. .009 - Background: Hoke Building (left), Ackerman Elementary School (right). .013 - Hunt Hall…

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Two images of staff working in an office to organize papers and file boxes of curriculum folders. In this case, "Word Recognition."

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"Children in school" Three images of children reading, searching through encyclopedias, and writing in their classrooms. .010 - Lorena Casebier sits at a desk reading with a student.

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"New Faculty - Mrs. [Mary] Lynn Moore, fifth grade supervisor at Ackerman, has her bachelor of arts from the University of Portland. She works closely with the team-teaching for individualized instruction. She also has taught at The Dalles and Salem,…

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"Ackerman students - Mrs. Falkes class" Seven images of children working on various educational projects throughout their classroom.

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