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"View of Administration Bldg. & Women's Dormitory 1939+/-" Taken from right by the old stream that ran across campus, looking north.
"1944, Fall - Coeds at Dorion Hall on a Sunday" Seven young women stand outside Dorion before it was renamed Hunt Hall. They are all embracing or holding arms. [Identified 2017-03-27: Barbara Joyce Caldwell (back row, 2nd in from the left) by her…
"Dorion Hall Roomies, Amelia Jossi, Carol Banish, Ida "Mac" McCullough, Probably 1945 (Still war time)" Two young women lie on bunkbeds. The woman in the top bunk is reading a book, and the woman in the bottom bunk appears to be writing a letter to…
"1949" A flatbed truck has been decorated into a float for a parade. There is a miniature model of the women's dormitory on the roof of the truck's cab. Three young women are on the float.
"1949-50 Campus buildings" Later used as a building to house Facilities, this is the original men's dormitory.
"1952 - Dorm girls" Three young women gather on the steps outside the entrance to Hunt Hall. Two of them are seated, and one of them is standing. They are all wearing light colored dresses.
"1953-54 - Dorion / Hunt Hall 'A' Section" Two young women stand facing each other in front of a large mirrored vanity. The one on the left is wearing a dark dress, and she's playing with her hair. The one on the right is wearing a dark colored…
"1953-54 - Dorion Dormitory, Mrs. Thornburg, Glenda Gray, Donna Snow, Hunt Hall 'A' Section" Mrs. Eunice Burns Thornburg, wearing a dark dress and dark framed eyeglasses, sits at a table talking to Glenda Gray and Donna Snow. One of them is sitting…
"1953-54 - Dorion, Hunt Hall 'A' Section" Four young women socialize and read letters together in one of the dorm rooms of Dorion Dormitory, the women's dormitory.
"1953-54 Dorion Kitchen" Young women line up cafeteria style to dish food onto their plates in the Dorion kitchen. This room is now part of the Hunt Hall "A" Section.
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