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This is a photo of the original Hunt Hall "A" section. It was originally named Dorion Hall, but the name was changed when the Dorion Hall Dormitory was built.. Later, additional sections were added. It appears that the photographer used a special…
"L-R: Suzanne Rothcock, Donna Peterson, Janet Roy (pianist), Estelle Alarid (Mexico), Nona Ripplinger" Four young women stand around a piano in the common room of Hunt Hall while the fifth woman plays for them. Three of them are wearing skirts and…
"EOCE Hunt, Tom McDowel, Bob Holznoyle (president), Darrel Muller" Three young men, all wearing sports coats and slacks stand together.
"Officers of Dorion Hall" The president for the women's dormitory, Betty Johnson, sits between the other two officers who are unidentified.
"EOCE, Hunt President Bob Holznoyle" The President of the Hunt Hall Officers, Bob Holznoyle, poses in a dark sports jacket over a light colored dress shirt and necktie. He has a cigarette in his right hand.
"1950-59 - Student Life, Hunt Hall "A" Section" This is the residence hall common room. Six young women sit on two sofas that face each other over a coffee table. The dark haired woman sitting in the middle of the sofa on the right has "PAT" on her…
Three young resident women, sit in front of the lit fireplace in the main common room of Hunt Hall.
"Student Life, Hunt Hall 'A' Section" A young woman sits on a bed looking at a book while another young woman sits at a desk in the corner reading a book. An EOC pennant hangs on the wall, as well as antlers with EOC stuck on them.
"1950-59 - Student Life" Five young women gather around the bed in one of the women's dormitory rooms. Three of the young ladies are actually sitting on the bed, one is on the floor, and one is seated at a desk. The woman in the middle of the group…
"M. Greene, EOC Student Life" Margaret Greene stands outside the entrance to Hunt Hall. She is wearing a dark colored, long sleeved sweater and a darker colored skirt. She has a book in her left hand.
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