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EOC football players: #62 - George Brick, and #88 - Gerry Galbraith. They are wearing their uniforms.
This is an informal portrait of two Eastern Oregon football players. #28 - Ben Houk, played in the halfback and fullback positions, and #88 - Lee Wick from Redmond, Oregon. He played both offensive guard and defensive tackle. They are wearing their…
"1956 Football" Wearing their uniforms, five Eastern Oregon football players pose together in two rows. Standing is #30 - Bill West and #28 - Dick Quinn. Kneeling in front of them as though at the line of scrimmage are #76 - Gene Bolen, #72 - Justin…
"1958 Football" Three Eastern football players, #73 - Gordon Myers [Meyers], #78 - Bob Salter, and #88 - Jack Wood stand together wearing their numbered uniforms. [Photos have been cropped separately and appear as individual player's pictures in the…
"1988 - Athletics, Mountaineer Facts" A group of student athletes pose together on a wood fence.
"September 1978 - Football"
An unidentified football player.
"7/1978 - Football Clinic"
EOSC player, #10 demonstrates the correct form for kicking the ball.

"September 1980" A series of images of individual football players.

#2 - Unidentified
"September 1980" An image of three football players, #87, #88, and #58 - Ted Harding.
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