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"1956 Football" This is an informal, outdoor portrait of Eastern football player, #78 - Steve Johnson from Wallowa, Oregon. He is wearing his uniform, and he played the tackle position. [Photo appears in the 1957 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 114.]

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"1956 Football" Wearing their uniforms, five Eastern Oregon football players pose together in two rows. Standing is #34 - Kim Wilson, and #22 - Elvin Daggett. Kneeling in front of them as though at the line of scrimmage are #84 - Bill Lewis, #50 -…

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"1957 Football" Six Eastern Oregon football players, all seniors, pose together in two rows, with the back row standing and the front row kneeling. They are all wearing their uniforms and there is a wood bench behind them.. Front row (l to r): #24 -…

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"1958 Football" Three Eastern football players, #73 - Gordon Myers [Meyers], #78 - Bob Salter, and #88 - Jack Wood stand together wearing their numbered uniforms. [Photos have been cropped separately and appear as individual player's pictures in the…

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"Bob Salter" This is an informal, outdoor portrait of Eastern Oregon football player, #78 - Bob Salter. He is wearing his uniform, and he is standing with his hands at his sides. There is a scoreboard and a small part of Quinn Coliseum visible in the…

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EOC football players: #78 - Mike Starr, and #74 - Dave Huff. They are both wearing their uniforms.

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"Football - Mike Starr, #78" - three images xx032 .006 - Background: Quinn Coliseum (left), Dorion Hall (right).

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"Football - #65 - Charles (Charlie) Fisher, and #78 - Mike Starr" - two images

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"September 9, 1972 - Football"

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"September 1978 - Football"
An unidentified football player.

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