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"Blackman, Quarter, #72" This is an informal, outdoor portrait of Eastern football player, #72 - Blackman. He is wearing his uniform, and he played the Quarterback position.
EOC football players: #72 - Don Graham, #64 - Mike Bech, #86 - Bob Corey, #30 - Tom Thomas, #21 - Ted Hilliard, and #34 - George Harrison. They are all wearing their uniforms.
EOC football player, #72 - Don Graham, appears to have taken a leap which is about to result in a belly flop. He is wearing his uniform, and Badgley Hall is visible in the background.
"1966 Team Captains - [Left to right:] Gilbert [Gib] Daniels, Don Fisher, Don Graham. All of these boys are seniors." The three players are wearing their uniforms, and they are kneeling on the grass. Pierce Library, Ackerman Hall, and Mt. Emily are…
"Bob Crouser" This is an informal portrait of Eastern Oregon football player, #72 - Bob Crouser. He is wearing his uniform jersey.
"1958 Football" Three Eastern football players, #72 - Ken Feigner, #52 - Bill McCadden, and #26 - John Botz [Botts] stand together wearing their numbered uniforms. [Photos have been cropped separately and appear as individual player's pictures in the…

"September 1980" A series of images of individual football players.

#2 - Unidentified
"September 1980" An image of unidentified football players, #13, and #72.
"10/1983 - Football Team" Ninety-eight images of fifty-eight individual football players, mostly unidentified.

#2 - Unknown.
"9/1984" Fifty-two images of forty-eight individual football players.

Tony Bishop, #63.
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