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"Johnston, End, #55" This is an informal, outdoor portrait of Eastern football player, #55 - Johnston. He is wearing his uniform, and he played the End position.

"September 1980" A series of images of individual football players.

#2 - Unidentified
"September 1980" An image of football players, #24 - Trent Soper, and #55.
"10/1983 - Football Team" Ninety-eight images of fifty-eight individual football players, mostly unidentified.

#2 - Unknown.
"9/1984" Fifty-two images of forty-eight individual football players.

Tony Bishop, #63.

"9/1985" Ninety-one images of individual football players.

Rich Cable, #1.
"10/1985 - Campus candids" Four images of football players with the EOSC logo design from the football helmets painted on their cheeks. In preparation for the homecoming game against Pacific, they are wearing t-shirts which read: "We will win" and…
"8/1987 - Football" A series of images of seventy-nine, individual football players.

Brian Gosso, #1
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