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"Johnston, Guard, #54" This is an informal portrait of football player, Johnston, #54 wearing his uniform and leather helmet. He plays a guard position.
Mounties basketball player, #54 - Ron Barker. He is wearing his uniform, and he is holding a ball in both hands.
"Johnston, Guard, #54" This is an informal, outdoor portrait of Eastern football player, #54, Johnston. He is wearing his uniform, and he played the Guard position.
EOC football players: #84 - Craig Humphrey, and #54 - Jan Anderson. They are wearing their uniforms, and they are holding their helmets.
"3/1/1991 - Baseball: Craig Chastain, #54"
"1/10/1991 - Baseball: Craig Chastain, #54"
"1992 - Baseball" Eastern baseball player, #45, rounds a base has he gets a low-five hand slap from the base coach, #54."
"1956 Football" This is an outdoor, informal portrait of an unidentified Eastern Oregon football player, #54 - Vic Retherford from John Day, Oregon. He is wearing his uniform, and he played the center position. [Photo appears in the 1957 Mountaineerā€¦
"1958 Football" Three Eastern football players, #22 - Steve Everitt, #80 - John Clark, and #54 - Roger Thompson stand together wearing their numbered uniforms. [Photos have been cropped separately and appear as individual player's pictures in theā€¦
"September 1978 - Football"
An unidentified football player.
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