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#18 is up to bat while the catcher and umpire watch the pitch from behind homeplate. In the background, Eastern Oregon's baseball team or the opposing team sit on the bench watching the action.
"10/1983 Football - Perry Handy, #18, defensive back"
"1958 Football" Four unidentified Eastern football players, #45, #41, #18, and #13 pose together out on the football field. They are wearing their uniforms, and they are bent forward at the waist with their hands resting on their knees. The dormitory…
"September 1978 - Football"
An unidentified football player.
"September 1980" An image of football player, #18 - Phil Hernendez with coaching staff member, Vince Zarkovich.
"9/3/1981" Ninety-three images of forty-five individual football players.

Bob Beavin, #87.
"9/3/1981" Four images of the 1981 Mounties Football Team posing with their coaches. Those who have been identified are: #1 - Tom White, #2 - Rory Cuiellette, #5 - Havan Jones, #6 - Gary Cooper, #7 - George Stoutenburg, #8 - Michael Butler, #9 - Rick…
"11/16/1982" A series of images of what appears to be the final football game of the season.

Rick Ward, #9 (kicker).
"10/1983 Football - Perry Handy, #18, defensive back"
"1/1985" Nineteen images of individual baseball players, most unidentified. [Some of the players are wearing duplicate numbers.]

[Appears to be:] Jeff Beauchamp, #58.
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