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"Dedication ceremony for a marker for the Oregon Trail on 'B' Avenue in La Grande, Oregon - April 10, 1906. Ezra Meeker is standing next to the marker." [See: La Grande Evening Observer for April 11, 1906 to read a description of the event.]
"Dam at Wallowa Hatchery. [Note wooden construction on dam.]

"Wallowa, Oregon freight teams. In the background, view of city from east end of Main Street, looking west. Three buildings on left: Sherod residence, stable belonging to Holmes residence and Holmes residence - circa 1900. The Bank, built in 1905, is…
"Pup portrait - circa 1914."

"Winding its way to the Canyon Hotel [or Canyon House] Wallowa, Oreg. - circa 1900." The stagecoach departed from Elgin, made a stop for meals and overnight accomodations at the Canyon Hotel in Wallowa, and then arrived at its destination many, many…
"The Snuffer boys with a team of horses - Maxville, Oregon - June 1923. Company woodcutters for Bowman-Hicks."
"Near Imbler, Oregon - Logging with oxen - Undercut being made in large tree"
"Mrs. Katherine L. Robbins Smith" Marriage announcement, newspaper clipping attached to the back of the photograph reads: "Cards are out announcing the marriage of Mr. Hubert B. Smith and Mrs. Katherine L. Robbins at The Dalles, [Oregon] May 12,…
Apple slices and whole apples arranged with a basket that is laying on it's side - circa 1914. Probably grown in the area of Cove, Oregon. [Image most likely taken by photographer, Mae Stearns.]
"La Grande, Oregon - Snowflake Bakery, 213 Fir St. - James Farquharson, proprietor - circa 1910 - Building was previously a saloon under the same proprietor" Sign on side of building reads: "Smoke Fam Vs. King - 3 Havana Cigars Shapes 5[cents]…
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