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"Irene Hofmeister - Lynn Hill's 8th grade teacher - Willow Creek School"
"Tuttle home on Willow Creek 1910+/-"
"Wild orchid at Mindoro while visiting Minor White"
"Mill on North Fork of the Looking Glass River"
"17th Engineering Dept Welder. Percy Smith Cpl" "Laurel AB" (Air Base)
"a Waterfall"
"Indian School - Warm Springs Reservation - 1901"

"Faye Higgins - The smallest man in 17th Photo Lab, holds Russell Price, the largest, to celebrate war's end!"
"Celebration Shenanigans! The War is Over - 17th Tact Recon Sqdn" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Victory Dancers. When news of the Japanese surrender came on August 15, soldiers celebrated in all kinds of ways. Here, men from four different groups donned…
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