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"New Guinea jungle from the air"
"Straight down view of a ship in calm sea"
"Aerial of the 17th Recon Sqdn's first major camp site at Dobodura Doubtful!"
"17th Recco Photo - North coast of New Guinea. Palm trees hide Jap supplies. Another B-25 visable over trees. Exact location not noted"
"Reconnaissance Photo - North Coast of New Guinea. Trucks & Bldgs under palm trees, roadway and log bridge"
"Bomb bursts at some small Dutch New Guinea coastal Barrio"
"A grounded 'Sugar Charlie.' North New Guinea coast area with a few strafing splashes. Sugar Charlie was name used to describe small Japanese powered barges used for carrying supplies"
"Aerial shot of Baguio Luzon - the 'summer capital' of the Philippines"
"Northern Luzon area - Mouth of a river - Agricultural plots Vigan, perhaps - not identified"
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