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  • Collection: Eastern Oregon University Historical Photographs
"1930-39 - EONS Admin building" This is a picture of the Grand Staircase and the backside of Inlow Hall. It is taken from a distance back on a tree-lined street. A couple of old homes and a power pole are also visible.
"Eastern Oregon Normal School, Administration building, La Grande" A picture of Inlow Hall taken from under a leafy tree a distance away. The wide open area of field between the tree and the building is covered in scrubby vegetation. [Negative is…
This is a picture of the front and side of Inlow Hall from the bottom of the small staircase. The ornate railing, benches and stairs are all in the foreground. There is very little landscaping and the grass is scrubby.
"1988 - Basketball" Nine images taken during the preparations for an impending basketball game. The head coach and players walk out to their side of the stands, the players are introduced to the fans, and team huddle-ups occur. .001-.002 - Bill…
"1988 - Basketball" Four images of the spirited banners hanging along the walls at a basketball game.
"1988 - Basketball" Eight images taken during a basketball game against Western Oregon.
"1988 - Basketball" .020 - Bill Crancio (center of image).
"1988 - Basketball" Eleven images taken during a basketball game against OIT, the Oregon Institute of Technology. Their mascot is the Hustlin' Owls.
"1988 - Basketball" Three images of athletes rally school spirit by forming human pyramids during pre-basketball game activities.
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