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  • Collection: Eastern Oregon University Historical Photographs
"Rinehart Village and Flouring Mills, Union Co. OR" Enclosed on a piece of paper: "Chapter VI, An artists sketch shows the bustling little village of Rinehart in Northern Union County early in its history. There were homes, a flouring mill and the…
This is a portrait of a large group of people from 1898. They are possibly at least partly related.
"Wilson's Fruit Workers" A large group of both men and women pose together on the loading area of an old fruit station. The building looks like an over-sized wood shed, and there are stacked boxes of fruit behind the workers.
"OK Livery Stable" This is a livery stable where horses were housed and cared for. There are three men standing out front, two of them with bridled horses.
"Railroad" This appears to be a photo of a photo. A man, and two women, wearing early 1900's era clothing pose together in front of train locomotive.
"Elgin area? logging" This is a portrait of the rough men who worked as loggers in the early 1900's. They are posed on a large log pile.
"Galloway Bros. Mill in Galloway Meadows, 7 mi. north of Elgin. Logging. Till Galloway Mill at Double Barrel Springs on Gordon Creek."
"Logging" This is a posed picture of the some of the rough men who worked in the logging industry in the early 1900's.
A man, and two women riding side-saddle have stopped their horses in front of "J.D. McKennon Groceries."
"Grossman Saw Mill, Oregon logging" This saw mill looks like it would have been a very bare bones place to work or possibly live. A large pile of logs is in the righthand corner of the picture, and it's huge size can be determined by a horse standing…
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